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The End

Welp its done and its gone by in a flash,but it has been a roller coaster of emotions. Good and bad, the curriculum was incredibly fast, but classmates got me through all of it. This was one of my first mass communication classes at UT Tyler and it was more than I expected in a good way. This will be a class I will remember for the rest of my college career and I hope Dr.Matthews wears the Clout 9 Bag. FIN

Briggs Chapter 5

Natural Light

I usually like only using natural light, but sometime artificial can enhance an indoor shot. While this shot is not bad if it had artificial light it would look much better. The natural light hits most objects in the frame and the shadows are not brought out.

Flash and Natural Light

I believe for this shot using both natural and flash is the best choice. The natural light highlights the room with a yellowish light, but with the artificial light it changes that yucky yellow to a nice light white. This make it the best out of the three.

Flash only

This is my least favorite shot. It looks way to artificial and the lack of natural light makes the photo look very bland. Out of the three photos this was my least favorite.

Thoughts on lighting

Lighting is very important to a shot; It can change the shot completely. Flash can be helpful in a dark environment, but it can make the photo look dull and not interesting. If you want to have a good photo I would suggest that multiple photos shot with different lighting. That being Flash, Natural, and a mixture of both.

My mass communication classes

At the moment, I am taking three mass communication classes and the journey thus far has been an interesting one to say the least. My first class of the week is writing for mass media; it is one of the intro classes for the field and so far it has been great. Lori teaches us how to write journalistic and keeps the class interesting. The assignment we just turned in was a paper news story of our choice. I choose to write about an incident that happened in Upines where someone has had roaches in their apartment for about three months now. The assignment has been a blast to research and write on. My second mass communications class that I am taking teaches you about how to work with three adobe products Indesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. This class has been relatively light compared to the other two classes. That being said, you still learn a lot about the programs . My third and final mass communications class of the semester is media production and wow has it been a journey thus far. This class has taught me a lot its been stressful to say the least, but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t worth it. I feel like out of the three MCOM classes the most I will take away will be from this class. These classes will continue to be fun and challenging at the same time through the end of this semester.

The story of how I gave Dr.Matthews a Clout 9 fanny pack

Recently I came into possession of a very nice fanny pack with the words clout-9 written on it. Honestly I was at a loss of what I should do with the pack, but after a conversation with Holly we soon realized what we should do with the pack. Some background on the fanny pack. My roommate Tray got the fanny pack on a website called fashion nova. He said that the fanny pack was dope and though it would be a funny thing to wear. Tray has had this amazing pack for a while now, but never had a real reason to wear it. The pack was a joke so Tray lost interest in the pack and asked if I wanted it. Of course I accepted this gift with complete glee. Once Holly saw this pack she came up with a great plan give the amazing fanny pack to Dr.Matthews. At first I was reluctant because of the shear awesomeness of the fanny pack, but eventually I caved in. She wanted to give it to her because out of all the people in class Dr. Matthews obliviously had the most clout. We though that she might lower our grade when we gave it to her, but to our surprise she loved it. The moment we gave the pack to her she laughed with glee, but she said ” I don’t accept bribes.


My RSS reader

My main Rss reader is Google news mainly because it is very easy to operate

The main topics I follow are:

Fishing-I love fishing and it is nice to hear about what is happening in the fishing world.

Gaming- I have loved video games since my early childhood and still do.

Soccer- Love soccer and hearing about what is going on with the sport

NFL- The story’s about what is happening in the NFL are interesting.

Global News-I think it is important that all people are in the loop with what is happening in the world.

Government- With all that is happening with the US government at the moment it is important to stay updated with all that is happening.

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