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The story of how I gave Dr.Matthews a Clout 9 fanny pack

Recently I came into possession of a very nice fanny pack with the words clout-9 written on it. Honestly I was at a loss of what I should do with the pack, but after a conversation with Holly we soon realized what we should do with the pack. Some background on the fanny pack. My roommate Tray got the fanny pack on a website called fashion nova. He said that the fanny pack was dope and though it would be a funny thing to wear. Tray has had this amazing pack for a while now, but never had a real reason to wear it. The pack was a joke so Tray lost interest in the pack and asked if I wanted it. Of course I accepted this gift with complete glee. Once Holly saw this pack she came up with a great plan give the amazing fanny pack to Dr.Matthews. At first I was reluctant because of the shear awesomeness of the fanny pack, but eventually I caved in. She wanted to give it to her because out of all the people in class Dr. Matthews obliviously had the most clout. We though that she might lower our grade when we gave it to her, but to our surprise she loved it. The moment we gave the pack to her she laughed with glee, but she said ” I don’t accept bribes.


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